1st Australasian Glycoscience Symposium

1st Australasian Glycoscience Symposium (AGS)

Lorne Proteomics (1-4th Feb, 2018) will, as a new initiative in 2018, include a full day Glycoscience Symposium that will run concurrent with the main Proteomics meeting on Friday 2nd Feb, 2018 at Cumberland Lorne Resort.
This meeting covers diverse areas of Glycoscience including Glycomics, Glycoproteomics and Glycobiology. It aims to bring together leading international and national Glycoanalytical and Glycobiology focused researchers and students with an interest in Glycoscience. Additional relevant glyco-sessions in Glycomics and Glycoproteomics will also be integrated in the main Proteomics meeting on subsequent days.

Highlights of the AGS 2018 include:

  • Prominent international speakers including Prof Henrik Clausen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Prof Pauline M. Rudd (National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Ireland and Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, Singapore) and A/Prof Natasha E. Zachara (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD, United States)

  • Invited talks from leading regional and national Glycoscientists and talks selected from submitted abstracts (including student talks)

  • Four full-length sessions that covers a variety of topics in the main areas of Analytical Glycoscience (Glycomics/Glycoproteomics) and Glycobiology including Clinical, Mammalian, Microbial and Plant Glycobiology

  • Lightning talks and subsequent poster session with unique opportunities to meet and discuss with leading experts in Glycoscience in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Registration included in Lorne Proteomics Symposium registration (single day registration also available)

This webpage will be updated for more specific information of abstract submission, registration and program details. 

For questions about the symposium, please contact one of the organisers:                                 
Dr Morten Thaysen Andersen, Macquarie University - Symposium Chair (email)
A/Prof Daniel Kolarich, Griffith University (email)
Prof Nicki Packer, Macquarie University (email)
Prof Stuart Cordwell, Sydney University (email)
Prof Malcolm McConville, University of Melbourne (email)
Dr. Benjamin Schulz, University of Queensland (email)